Innovative service that allows you to call a taxi with a short text sms, saving on phone cost and waiting! This service is available for all mobile phones!

How it Work:

Compose an SMS with your starting address in the following format:
(Example: Treviso, via Roma 2);
Send it to our number +39 33 88 44 2000;
In a few seconds, you will receive a reply SMS will tell you that the taxi is coming, and the arrival time.

The cost of SMS is that indicated on your tariff plan.

Additional Examples:

Paese via Bixio 18 to Treviso (You are in Paese and want to go Treviso)
Paese via Bixio 18 to Roncade (You are in Paese  and want to go Roncade)
Treviso via Roma 2  per 6 persone (You are in Treviso and want a taxi for 6 people)

The service has a website entirely dedicated to the support (, where you can find all the information and examples needed to access the service.