About us

taxi service of Treviso

The Treviso Radio Taxi (CO.TA.TRE) cooperative is an organization with taxi drivers that have a regular driver’s license assigned to the taxi service for the city of Treviso, all of which can be easily recognized by an external writing placed on the front fender, along with the taxi number.

The Treviso taxi drivers have their parking area in the following places:

  • Treviso Airport
  • Train Station
  • Piazza Indipendenza (city center)
  • Treviso Hospital

Our taxi service is to collect and transfer users within the municipality or in any other destination request (seaside resorts, ski resorts, resorts, cities, Veneto Outlet Village Noventa di Piave, spas and abroad and fairgrounds).

The Treviso Radio Taxi (CO.TA.TRE) cooperative offers a vast number of taxis, such as minibuses (consisting of 9 seats including the driver’s seat) and cars (5-6-7 seats including the driver’s seat).
All of these means are connected to a central Radio Taxi which is equipped with a satellite system and with a video surveillance (for the safety of the taxis).
The Radio Taxi satellite service avoids having the client wait a long time for the taxi once the he/she calls and the client is always sure to be served by the closest taxi.


Our taxis are also organized with the regional Veneto Radio Taxi service at the following number 199484950 or on the website www.radiotaxiveneto.it